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Foujan Saberi

Dear first year me,

Stop procrastinating and STUDY! University is not high school and you can’t cram the night before a test, the material is dense and you need time to digest the information to even have a chance at doing well in the course. Also, use your school’s resources. You pay thousands of dollars towards your tuition, so you should at least give their resources a try! Tutoring sessions, workshops, editing centers are just a few of the many resources most universities offer, and you should take full advantage of them. Don’t make excuses for not going to extra help sessions; your grades don’t cares if you’re tired or going through a breakup, they will anchor you down regardless. You need to make sure you are dedicating enough time to your academics and separating school from your social life. As much as academics are important, you should also join school clubs and intramurals! Intramurals are the best because you get to meet a lot of new people without having to be great at the sport, just be enthusiastic and have school pride and you will fit right in!

You only have so many hours in a day, so getting involved in school and keeping up with school is no easy task! This is where you learn that time management is a very valuable skill that you will learn to cherish. Being able to balance all the work that professors throw at you, and perhaps have a part time job, and try to get involved in school is only feasible if you use every hour you have. Take advantage of gaps in your schedule; don’t go to the library just to watch Netflix! Teach yourself discipline and avoid distractions.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, how can you keep up with all your friends and school? Print your slides, and take hand written notes instead of typing them on your laptop; this avoids possible distractions from social media on your laptop. Don’t try to cut off social media as a whole, give yourself reinforcements. After studying for two hours, take a break and check social media for 10-15 min and then return to your work. This is a good break from studying, and also allow time for you to post your weekly #tbt.

Lastly and the most important, don’t loose sight of why you are pursuing your major. Don’t forget your goals and ambitions, when you start forgetting you will loose motivation to succeed in school. Its easy to forget when you are dealing with a million things at once, put a reminder of your goals somewhere, so you can see it daily (a stethoscope will do the trick for you!). And finally, BREATH, university is a learning experience, be a sponge and absorb as much as you can!

– Foujan Saberi

Short Biography:

My name is Foujan Saberi. I am a 3rd year York University student majoring in Psychology (BSc). I am currently working part time as a lifeguard and working towards pursuing a career in medicine.

Foujan in London 2014 Trip- Getting in some work-life balance

Foujan in London 2014 Trip- Getting in some work-life balance.

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