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The Canadian Archive of Women in STEM: Celebrating Trailblazers

The launching event for the Canadian Archive of Women in STEM took place on June 19th, at the University of Ottawa’s Learning Crossroads building.

The Canadian Archive of Women in STEM is a result of the collaborative work of Library and Archives Canada, the University of Ottawa’s Library and the International Network of Women Engineers and Scientists Educational and Research Institute (INWES).Capture archives launchgood

The Honourable Kirsty Duncan, Minister of Science and Minister of Sport and Persons with Disabilities, attended the event and spoke of the importance of providing girls with role models in STEM fields. The Hon. Kirsty Duncan also took part in a round table where women from diverse fields and areas in STEM discussed ways to support the next generation of women in science. Present were professionals and graduate students. Dr. Kristin Baetz, professor from the University of Ottawa’s Department of Biochemistry, Microbiology and Immunology and Director of the Ottawa Institute of Systems Biology moderated the round table.

The Canadian Archive of Women in STEM web portal will house a collection of all existing archives involving women in science and engineering across Canada, adding to the existing archives gathered by the Canadian Women’s Movement Archives at the University of Ottawa, provided by women in various STEM fields. This portal will facilitate research on women in STEM through history, while enabling current women involved in science and engineering to contribute to the archives, by donating their own records. The portal will also feature a guide to facilitate the preparation of records for donation.

This realization will facilitate the record keeping of more women who have and who are serving society through science and engineering, while inspiring the next generation of Canadian women in STEM.





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